About Us

Welcome to the Vurilo Professional Learning Community! Here, we foster an environment of open communication and collaboration, where you are encouraged to share your ideas and best practices with others. We believe that by working together, we can all grow and learn from each other.

Every smiling face of a child echoes with the potential of countless young minds waiting to be unlocked 
Yet, they face the mountains of 

  • economic disparity
  • Infrastructural challenges
  • Geographical barriers

Education, the universal right of every child, is out of reach for many, we’re here to move the distance an inch by inch.

Our mission is to make quality education accessible to as many people as possible, and expanding our reach allows us to achieve this objective.

Imagine Nepal where every child is empowered by 

  • Quality education
  • Not restricted by economic and geographical barriers
  • Lifted by technology

Meet Vurilo, the light of hope for countless Nepalese learners, shaping futures, one child at a time.

Our vision is to fill the gap and create a connection between teachers and students, ultimately transforming the teaching and learning paradigm.

What we Value

Diversity and Inclusion

Valuing diversity and promoting an inclusive marketplace environment that welcomes users from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives

Trust and Reliability

Fostering trust among users by ensuring secure transactions, reliable services, and a safe environment for buying and selling.


Encouraging collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders to drive growth and success.

Continuous Learning

Encouraging a culture of learning and growth within the marketplace, fostering personal and professional development for users and employees alike.

What we provide

Vurilo- Marketplace

As a Market Place, where anyone can Tech .
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Vurilo- Standalone

As Standalone for enterprises/business houses
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Meet Our Wonderful Team

Management team

Dilip Thapa
Sangeeta Rayamajhi
Deepak Thapa

Technical team

someone helping us to do our day to day job
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