Who are We

Vurilo is the one-stop solution to improve training and learning activities within an organization. Designed with accessibility and comprehension in mind, Vurilo is the perfect solution for both Learning & development (L&D) and HR departments.

Our aim is to provide compelling and efficient learning experiences to ensure that you are prepared to reach your objectives.

Vurilo supports both English and Nepali, so that is easily accessible worldwide as well as for the locals here. The courses designed are made in such a way that everyone will be able to comprehend them. Vurilo stands out in front of other learning platforms because of the affordability and accessibility of an easy in-app payment gateway.

Mission and values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accessible and effective educational opportunities to individuals or organizations through the use of technology and digital resources. This involves creating engaging and interactive learning experiences that cater to the needs and preferences of diverse learners, while also ensuring the quality and relevance of the content being delivered. Ultimately, the goal is to empower learners to acquire new knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve their personal or professional goals.
Quality Education to Everyone.
Enterprise Training & Development

What We Believe

Better learning, better results. to provide a platform where learning happens anytime, anywhere for anyone.
For educators and learners to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.
To transform education and empower learners of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their goals.
To provides several benefits, such as flexibility, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, personalized learning, and real-time feedback.
To provide solutions quickly and efficiently while maintaining high standards of quality at all times.
Our vision is fueled by our passion - to envision it, take ownership of it, and take action to make it a reality.

Choose a suitable learning program that aligns with your needs and goals.

Are you a Student or a Learner?

Learning never stops whether you’re four or forty you can always learn. In Vurilo, students can learn to sharpen their knowledge base and learn from their comfort Zone. Students will be provided with various options from which they can choose, according to their own convenience. What matters the most for Vurilo is your passion and desire for learning, where anyone can learn from their own comfort zone.

Are you a Teacher or Educator?

Knowledge increases as you share it, hence if you share your knowledge here you will be doing a noble work of teaching as well as being able to work towards your passion. By this, you are giving back to society what you are skilled at and at the same time making an extra income. Well networking and getting connected with the Members are yet another aspect the Teachers would be benefited with.

For Businesses or Organizations

Our Training Management Information System (TMIS)- is created for businesses and educational institutions to share and communicate content regarding sessions, training, workshops, and/or notice, and relevant news is limited to the members or employees of that organization only and can be accessed only with a designated username and password.

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