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Vurilo - eLearning platform from where both teaching and learning come together. Our user-friendly and secure platform assists educational, professional, and industry experts in organizing, evaluating, and enhancing online learning opportunities in Nepal from anywhere.
It is an LMS tool, designed for conducting training, meetings, and conference sessions for a large group. Integration with Vurilo in any organization regardless of its area of expertise translates into an efficient bridge of the gap between trainers, and learners.

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How can Vurilo be beneficial to a Teacher?
Knowledge increases as you share it, hence if you share your knowledge here you will be doing a noble work of teaching as well as being able to work towards your passion. By this you are giving back to society what you are skilled at and at the same time making an extra income. Well networking and getting connected with the Members are yet another aspect the Teachers would be benefited with.

How can Vurilo be beneficial to a Business?
Vurilo.com is cost-effective to ensure increased efficiency within an organization. Adopting the platform assists in decreased redundancy of processes and facilitates easy updating of the uploaded materials within organizations while simultaneously allowing the learners or members to access the content or news in real-time and/or as frequently as needed.

Why Choose Vurilo?

Vurilo offers a range of benefits for learners, including increased flexibility, personalized learning experiences, access to resources, collaborative learning opportunities, and cost-effectiveness.


  • Learning anytime, any place.
  • Blended Learning. Students can get benefits from both traditional in-person instruction and online learning
  • Personalized learning experiences.
  • Richer experience than a traditional setting.
  • Monitor Your Performance and Track Your Progress.
    Gain certificates.


  • Enables Institutes/ organizations in digital transformation of education.
  • Help institute/ organization to enhance teaching quality and training management.
  • Reduce teaching costs.
  • Able to acquire teaching & learning data.
  • Features updates as per clients' requirements (additional cost).
  • Features updates as per clients' requirements.
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Pricing Plan

(Live Class, Exam, Course)
1. Active Live Class
2. Concurrent Live Class
3. Participants
4. Recordings
5. Course (Pre-recording)
6. Exam
7. Availability
8. Students (Team)
9. Teacher (Team)
10. Admin (Team)
11. Discussion Forum
12. Cost (Monthly)
13. Cost (Yearly)
5 Hour
5 Hour
100 Exams
Only Team
300 Users
2 Teachers
1 Admin
5000/ Month
50,000/ Annual
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20 hours
20 hours
500 Exams
Both (Team & Public)
1500 Users
10 Teachers
2 Admins
12,000/ Month
1,35,000/ Annual
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Webinars have become a popular e-learning system today for several reasons. It offers convenience and flexibility. They can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and can be attended live or viewed as a recording at a later time. This allows for students to learn on their own schedule, making it easy to fit learning into a busy lifestyle.

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Our students send us bunch of smiles with our services and we love them.

"Thank you to the teacher (Raju Thapa) at Vurilo who solve our mathematical problem which is difficult for us.
Highly recommend- the best platform for the SEE students when I take the 3-month course in Vurilo."


SEE Batch 2079

"I have been using this e-learning platform for my SEE preparation, and it has made my exam so much easier. The ability to create video content, conduct live classes, and assign homework and exams all within the same platform is amazing."

Shiva Ram Lamichhane

Student, SEE Batch

"मैले Vurilo प्लेटफर्मलाई अनलाइन कोर्सका लागि प्रयोग गरेको छु, र एस प्लेटफर्मले मेरो कामलाई धेरै सजिलो बनएको छ। भिडियो सामग्री बनाउन, लाइभ क्लास गर्न र हामीले प्लेटफर्मभित्रै परीक्षाहरू असाइन गर्न सकिन्छ।"

Saurabh Chaulagain

Engineer, Jr. Quality Assurance

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