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Share high-quality recorded video lessons that students can access at their convenience. Create visually appealing and engaging content that brings your subject matter to life. Utilize multimedia elements, such as animations, graphics, and demonstrations, to enhance the learning experience. Provide students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace through your recorded video lessons.

Once you have planned your curriculum, conducted live classes, and recorded your videos, it's time to launch your course. Publish your course on our platform and make it accessible to a global audience. Customize your course page with an attractive description, compelling visuals, and a clear outline of the course content. Engage with potential students by responding to their queries and providing additional information about your course.

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We provide comprehensive support for teachers through our Support Team, who are available to answer any questions and review test videos. Our Teaching Center is also at your disposal, offering a wealth of resources to help guide you through the teaching process. Additionally, our online community provides access to experienced teachers who can offer further support and guidance.

      I have been using VURILO for my classes, and I am impressed with its quality and versatility. The courses are well-organized, and the interactive features, such as tests and assignments, have been valuable tools to help students engage with the material and apply their learning. VURILO has a user-friendly interface and clear navigation which make it easy for both teachers and students to use. The ability to track students' progress and provide feedback in real time has been especially beneficial for their growth and development. Overall, I highly recommend this e-learning platform for other teachers looking to enhance their teaching experience and overall improve students' learning outcomes.
Prince Rai
As an online English Language Teacher, I've had an excellent experience teaching for over a year with Vurilo's recording feature allows me to record my classes for students to watch later on. This has made teaching online hassle-free and seamless. I appreciate Vurilo's efforts to improve their platform, which makes my job as a teacher easier. I highly recommend Vurilo to any online teacher seeking a supportive, user-friendly, and dependable platform. Thank you Vurilo, for making my online teaching journey an amazing one.
Balkrishna Tharu
Vurilo is quite beneficial, informative, and educative for teachers. It helps a teacher to develop critical and logical thinking in children. All the modules are quite useful and effective as they are application-based. Thank you Team Vurilo for giving us the opportunity for making our classroom teaching more effective with your interesting and engaging program.  The program is a storehouse of valuable material for educators. I found it very interesting and beneficial, and would strongly recommend it to everyone.
Sudip Rayamajhi
When I look back at the past few years, it's impressive how much we're able to accomplish with such a small team. I've gotten to learn a lot about end-to-end ownership and to appreciate the values that we follow as a company. People here are mission-driven, passionate about improving education, and have a lot of empathy both for each other as colleagues and for our users.
Bijaya Khanal
QA Engineer, CTFL Certified
As an Online Vurilo SEE Course instructor, I am delighted to submit a testimonial for Vurilo. Vurilo's commitment, competence, and teaching abilities have had a significant impact on my teaching experience. Vurilo, as an educator, goes above and beyond to ensure their pupils' success. Throughout the course, they are constantly ready to answer questions, provide assistance, and provide support. Their responsiveness and dedication to students must result in a helpful learning atmosphere in which students feel appreciated and encouraged to succeed. Vurilo's organizing abilities and attention to detail are also impressive. The course materials are well-structured, thorough, and deliberately created to aid learning. Vurilo makes certain that students have access to all of the materials and information they need to succeed in the course. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Vurilo as an instructor for the Online Vurilo SEE Course.
Nabin Khatri
Teacher (social studies)
As a teacher, I've experienced incredible advantages while using their platform. Vurilo's user-friendly interface allows seamless lesson planning and engaging virtual classroom experiences. Their extensive library of educational resources has greatly enriched my teaching methods. The prompt technical support and interactive features foster active student participation, ensuring effective learning outcomes. I highly recommend Vurilo to educators seeking innovative and efficient online teaching solutions.
Sameer Majhi
Teacher (Optional Maths)


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