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  • No Personalized Learning Programs.
  • Lack of Reporting & Analytics for Learning Data.
  • Expensive and Time -consuming Training.
  • No Central Repository of organization assets.
  • Inability to Track Employee Progress and Performance.
  • After Training- now WHAT?


  • Knowledge Hub 
    Central repository. Organized learning materials.
  • Tracking Employee Performance 
    37% of LMS users have reported an increase in employee productivity”.
  • Communication and Collaboration 
    “75% of learners agree that technology helps them get quick course feedback”.
  • Cost-Effective  E-learning courses consume roughly.
    70% less energy and money than traditional learning”.
  • Employee Development, Retention 
    to assign the necessary courses to ensure employees are developing effective job skills,
    saves 90 % of the time and effort of the trainer and L&D department.
What we are best at

What makes Vurilo the Best LMS for Organization?


Include simple user registrations, user roles, and permissions, and user activity tracking. Integrations with other systems. Ease of Use and User Friendly.


Deliver a seamless and efficient learning experience to our users. Multiple content formats, Collaboration tools. Provide clear and concise instructions for every task with a clear menu structure, breadcrumb trail, and search functionality.

Cost Reduction

Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs. TMIS eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software installations and allows organizations to scale their training programs as needed.


Why Vurilo for Educational Institute?

  • Vurilo serves as a platform for Educational Institutes to access all types of learning material.
  • Offering Low cost for learning purposes.
  • Effective for Cost and Time management that is required for teaching and coaching courses. This reduce human hours and effort.
  • Access to the class anytime from anywhere with increased convenience and flexibility.
  • Become a medium through which management and parents can communicate and discuss.
  • Enhance the quality of learning and sharing virtually to improve students' knowledge.
  • Solve all the challenges of Hybrid learning.
  • Update learning and sharing methodology.
  • Promote efficiency and excellency.
  • Additional revenue for the Educational Institute as it can sell the courses outside the school.
  • Ease of content update.

Single Platform- Multiple Possibilities

Get everyone on the same page

Corporate House

LMS software can provide a consistent cost-effective and efficient solution for corporate training, while also providing a flexible and engaging learning experience for employees.

Product Management

Utilizing the LMS s/w, define your vision for a product feature. To discuss and iterate your ideas, invite engineers, project managers, and designers to your groups.

Human Resources

Using LMS software can be a valuable tool for HR companies to improve the knowledge, skills, and performance of their employees or clients, while also streamlining their training management processes.

Customer Services

Investigate problems when they arise. To address customer issues more quickly and effectively, share your screen, post help materials, and draw their attention.

"I have been using VURILO for my classes, and I am impressed with its quality and versatility. The courses are well-organized, and the interactive features, such as tests and assignments, have been valuable tools to help students engage with the material and apply their learning. VURILO has a user-friendly interface and clear navigation which make it easy for both teachers and students to use. The ability to track students' progress and provide feedback in real-time has been especially beneficial for their growth and development. Overall, I highly recommend this e-learning platform for other teachers looking to enhance their teaching experience and overall improve students' learning outcomes."
Prince Rai
As an online English Language Teacher, I've had an excellent experience teaching for over a year with vVurilo's recording feature allows me to record my classes for students to watch later on. This has made teaching online hassle-free and seamless. I appreciate Vurilo's efforts to improve their platform, which makes my job as a teacher easier. I highly recommend Vurilo to any online teacher seeking a supportive, user-friendly, and dependable platform. Thank you, Vurilo, for making my online teaching journey an amazing one.
Balkrishna Tharu
Vurilo is quite beneficial, informative, and educative for teachers. It helps a teacher to develop critical and logical thinking in children. All the modules are quite useful and effective as they are application-based. Thank you Team Vurilo for giving us the opportunity for making our classroom teaching more effective with your interesting and engaging program.   The program is a storehouse of valuable material for educators. I found it very interesting and beneficial, and would strongly recommend it to everyone.
Sudip Rayamajhi
"When I look back at the past few years, it's impressive how much we're able to accomplish with such a small team. I've gotten to learn a lot about end-to-end ownership and to appreciate the values that we follow as a company. People here are mission-driven, passionate about improving education, and have a lot of empathy both for each other as colleagues and for our users.”
Bijaya Khanal
QA Engineer, CTFL Certified
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Frequently Asked Questions


Vurilo is a platform not just for licensed or professional teachers but for all who have the passion to share knowledge. For beginners in the teaching profession, Vurilo provides assistance; from providing support in curriculum development to course publication, and every step in between.

What is an LMS app and how does it work?

An LMS (Learning Management System) app is a software application that allows educators, trainers, and administrators to create, manage, and deliver online educational content, courses, and training programs. It provides a platform for online learning, and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as employee training, academic courses, or personal development.
LMS apps work by providing a centralized platform where users can create and manage course content, enroll learners, track progress, and provide feedback. The app typically includes tools for creating multimedia content, such as videos, presentations, and quizzes, and allows for collaboration and interaction between learners and instructors through discussion forums, messaging, and virtual classrooms.

Can I integrate third-party tools or content into TMIS software?

Yes, it is often possible to integrate third-party tools or content into TMIS software. Many TMIS software providers offer integration with various third-party tools, such as video conferencing software, virtual labs, content authoring tools, and more.

What features should Vurilo provide in a TMIS software

While choosing our TMIS software, there are several key features you will get that meet your needs and provides a high-quality online learning experience for your learners.
- Course creation and management tools
- Learner enrollment and management
- Collaboration and interaction tools
- Assessment and grading tools
- Mobile compatibility
- Customization and branding
- Security and Privacy
- Support and resource

Does Vurilo provide custom-training programs for organizations?

Yes, we do curate our learning programs to closely align with the organizational goals and priorities. We sit down with your leaders to understand the current state of business and help develop custom pathways for your employees taking into account your strategic goals and long-term priorities.

How to Start Teaching?

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